Friends of Wanakee

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Wanakee Staff

Friends of Wanakee wishing well bucket

Friends of Wanakee is a special organization of people committed to the vision of growth and service to Wanakee. Membership is a pledge to support Wanakee with prayers, presence, service and a financial commitment.

The Friends of Wanakee group has purchased new canoe paddles, life jackets, waterfront ropes and a life-boat motor. A new waterfront building, new boat docks, renovations to the Homestead Retreat, the climbing wall, a new dishwasher in the dining hall and much, much more. Check our Wish List for other needs or donate to the Friends of Wanakee fund.

What does your membership provide to Wanakee?

  • Caring people interested in Wanakee’s continued growth
  • Improvements that we could not normally accomplish
  • Special projects such as new equipment, furnishings and beautification
  • Network of communicators spreading the message of lives changed at Wanakee
  • The gift of having you involved and on site

What does your membership provide to you?

  • Opportunity to make a difference for campers and guests
  • Belonging to a special group of Wanakee supporters
  • Friends of Wanakee newsletter with updates, stories and special function invitations
  • Quality Wanakee note cards for at least a “Counselor Level” gift
  • A beautiful place to spend quality time and share your talents/expertise

Become a Friend of Wanakee and make a difference! You can obtain membership information by contacting us.