Mission and Goals


campers form a big circle in the field
Wanakee Staff
Grace and peace circle

Wanakee takes great pride in the personal, social and spiritual growth of campers through meaningful activities.


Wanakee's mission is to:

  • Love, accept, challenge and provide opportunities for growth to all God's people within our "Beautiful Spiritual Place in the Hills."
  • Help individuals interact with one another, build relationships and to grow in their Christian faith through experiences within a Christian community.
  • Send participants forth into the world to celebrate and share God's love.


Our camping programs are designed to:

  • Provide opportunities for personal growth that stimulate the development of a camper’s self-esteem.
  • Provide campers with techniques for safe and appropriate ways to explore his or her personal faith.
  • Help individuals interact with one another, build relationships and contribute to a diverse Christian Community.
  • Help campers experience and appreciate nature within the rustic environment of camp and camp programs.


Wanakee is open to all persons regardless of race, color, gender, sex, age, national origin, religion, or disability. For handicapped accessibility and special needs, contact us.