Summer Camp

Welcome to Wanakee!

Wanakee is different from other summer choices. Our specialized small-group program gives you:

  • Assurance that you’re never lost in a crowd
  • Individual attention so you’re affirmed for who you are

You’ll love it!

campers laughingWe give you an adventure in personal and spiritual discovery. You are encouraged to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Being a Christian is lots of fun! We don’t just learn about God, we practice Christian living.

Wanakee is hands-on learning. Through activities you learn new skills in a supportive community. Many Wanakee campers grow in self-esteem!

Wanakee staff are checked and hand-picked from New England and all over the world to provide superb leadership and supervision. They’re great mentors!

Staff work with dedicated volunteers who give a week to you. We train, plan and pray to ensure the physical and emotional safety of Wanakee’s top asset: You!

Sign up now for your choice of events! Bring a friend to your favorite place for faith, fun and friends. See you soon at Wanakee! Visit the Camp Forms page to download forms needed for camp registration and participation.

camper friends share a hug and laughterFinances a challenge this year?

I don’t care what I have to give up, but I’m absolutely NOT going to give up Wanakee. Wanakee is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!” said a camper in a family discussion of financial reprioritizing.

That’s how much going to Wanakee means to her... so we’ll be seeing you this summer,” reports her mother.

Prioritize Wanakee for your child’s spiritual, emotional and relational growth. We believe every child should be able to attend church camp.

Camperships are available from most churches and from Wanakee. Contact us for details.