Tier Pricing


Wanakee Staff

Walking to chapel in the morning

Summer camp has great value in the life of a child. Genuine community is experienced, ministry to the whole person takes place, relationships are built with God and others, memories and major life commitments are made, and tomorrow’s leaders are developed today.

Camps are also a great value! We are proud to say that all of our basic camp programs are below the industry average price of $704.

Our 2017 Tier Pricing is intended to recognize the costs related to the camp experience and allow families to select the level of payment most appropriate for their circumstances. Each family may freely choose to participate at the Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 level; and every child will receive the same camp experience regardless of the level chosen.

Tier Pricing Levels

Tier 1: True cost of camp

For families who are blessed to be able to pay Tier 1 pricing, this level constitutes the true cost of camp including all aspects of maintaining facilities in good condition, insurance, utilities, etc. and helps ensure the sustainability of Wanakee.

Tier 2: Direct cost of camp

Electing to pay the Tier 2 price helps cover the direct cost of a week of summer camp including program costs, food, summer staff and camp administration.

Tier 3: Partial cost of camp

Every effort is made to keep the cost of camp as affordable as possible. At this level, every camper’s fee is partially subsidized by generous donations to the Wanakee Campership Fund by individuals and churches.

Your choice

Carefully consider and choose what your family can afford to pay for camp. By choosing the highest Tier in your price range, you also contribute to Wanakee’s ability to offer camp to all who would like to participate. The tiers are color coded and will be reflected in the pricing for each camp.