Wanakee Song

Singing in the Dining Hall

Wanakee Staff

Singing in the Dining Hall

A beautiful place in the mountains
With sparkling waters of blue.
God's holy Spirit is found there
Waiting for me and you.

Refrain: Because I met you at Wanakee,
I want to learn of you.
Yes, God, you called me at Wanakee;
Now I will follow you.

Warm friendships made there forever.
We circle campfires at night
To sing and talk and to question;
Then finding God's love is right. (Refrain)

Christ calls us to an adventure
With hikes and swimming and games.
Each day we learn more of God's love
Which changes us in God's name. (Refrain)

Download the sheet music for use in your church (PDF).

~ Music and lyrics by Joshua the Storyteller, © 1993 PMP

Thanks to Ben Towne for preparing the sheet music and audio file and to Cam Howard for the the song animation.