Celebrating 2016

When I transitioned from camper and volunteer to Executive Director in February, I could not have anticipated a more remarkable first season. We served 7% more campers in 2016 than in 2015. Our 35+ year-old oven broke halfway through the summer, and members of the greater Wanakee community stepped upRead more

The best job you'll ever have


2016 staff in green tee shirts in front of Wanakee farmhouse
Wanakee Staff

I spent every summer from ages 18 to 24 working at summer camps. Those long weeks hold some of my favorite memories; a matchless sense of shared purpose and camaraderie, powerful friendships, heartfelt belly laughs, and personal growth. Those were summers full of extraordinary challenges and even greater successes.

MyRead more

Volunteers needed


Wanakee Staff

Volunteers are an essential piece of Wanakee’s identity, history, and operations. What makes them mission-critical?

  1. They bring fresh ideas and energy in support of the camper experience and to the benefit of institutional growth and improvement
  2. They bring professional skillsets critical to our missional and business goals (we need pastors,
  3. Read more

A wish list for Wanakee


Adult and child walking hand in hand in front of Rec Hall
Wanakee Staff

In my last note, I hoped to convey the “urgency of now.” For Wanakee, the next 5 years are full of big challenges and big opportunities. I am confident that today’s volunteer base is poised to rise to this challenge by initiating and shepherding a period of growth in theRead more

The road ahead


five canoes with campers on Lake Pemigewasset at Wanakee
Haley Skov

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the overwhelmingly positive and hopeful updates I’ve shared during my first 6+ months as Executive Director. If not, take a look at the notes posted on Facebook/our website, or at this conversation with the NEUMC. When I take a step back, IRead more

Q&A with Wanakee executive director James Tresner

Wanakee’s executive director James Tresner was hired to lead the camp in Meredith, NH, in February 2016. We spoke to him after the Wanakee 5K on Aug. 13, about his first six months on the job.Read more

To the 2016 summer staff

On Saturday at noon, the 2016 summer staff left Wanakee to return to their homes, their jobs, their schools, their apartments, their “real” lives. They started their journeys back to Rochester, Merrimack, Vermont, and Maine. To England. To Northern Ireland. If you’ve ever been on staff at Wanakee, or anotherRead more